Executive coach and consultant, independent since 2003, who has worked with over 30 multinational companies and other organisations. APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision) accredited 2006-2019.

Hon Lecturer, the Management School, the University of Liverpool (2013-2015), tutoring DBA (doctoral) sustainability and leadership to worldwide executives in small online groups.

External examiner, Coaching Psychology MA, The Metanoia Institute (2009-2014).

Sustainability consulting, sometimes in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund, with multinational companies and a business school.

Fellow of the Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter (2009-12). Tutor on its MA (Director 2008) and MRes in Leadership Studies.

Executive coach, Coutts Consulting Group (1997-2003).

PhD London School of Economics.

Taught world cultures for the Open University.

Company Finance Department, J. Henry Schroder Wagg & Co. Barrister.

MA University of Oxford.


"My Journey to Business in the Anthropocene":


“In the 1980s I published research into an ecologically oriented global movement and this experience introduced me to underlying anthropological and sociological perspectives on sustainability. Later I became employed as an executive coach by a consultancy. Increasingly environmental warnings and global inequities became hard to ignore, also coaching, including my own, did not pick up on the financial crisis of 2008. Coaching as it was practised seemed to be as much part of the systemic problem as part of its solution.

At this time I changed direction to add sustainability to coaching. This involved sustainability consulting with multinational companies, helping a business school set up a sustainability-oriented MBA, working alongside wildlife campaigners, co-founding a sustainability leadership group, and university teaching of sustainability to executives worldwide. It became obvious that there were many sustainabilities, but little integration of them. How can people in their own individual ways understand ‘sustainability’ more coherently?

To address this question I carried out an analysis of over 500 research and other publications which I critically selected from diverse academic disciplines and related to company situations. This led to ‘Business in the Anthropocene’, which brings sustainability expertise into professional coaching/mentoring”.

Dr Geoffrey Ahern