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Coaching & mentoring for business in the Anthropocene 

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Business in the Anthropocene

'Business in the Anthropocene' is designed for the development in role of those accountable for sustainability. It enables leadership through joining highly experienced executive coaching with professionally informed environmental and social sustainability.

It’s increasingly necessary to mesh environmental and social sustainability professionalism in with experienced executive coaching provision. ‘Business in the Anthropocene’ can assist.

Sustainability know-how allows a coach to knowledgeably probe and transform materiality and so to stimulate executives to re-envisage the company’s right livelihood in commercially recognisable ways.

Coaching enables its clients to gain greater clarity and energy by paying close attention to behavioural patterns within them and their organisation. Clearing these strategically opens up virtuous circles for the corporate long-term while meeting immediate goals.

Companies’ sustainability visions require behavioural transformation in employees, supply chains and end users. Success goes beyond selectively picking SDGs (sustainable development goals) for a quick fix. It’s about having a compelling brand while meeting precise and transparent sustainability targets. 

Dr Geoffrey Ahern's experience combines executive coaching and sustainability consulting in over 30 multinational and other organisations with teaching of sustainability to worldwide executives completing doctorates.

Today's era is called the 'Anthropocene' because humans are increasingly shaping the Earth. The Anthropocene and its 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) are now the setting for companies' commercial success.


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